Carl Maynard: The District's Community Guy

Carl Maynard is a man who pursues community with all his heart. He founded @thefitdistrict, @maketto1351 run squad, and @walkwithlocals. Growing up Carl’s Dad was always wanting to help others, and put together community meals - Carl reluctantly would be brought along to help. However, looking back Carl recognizes that these were crucial years, in which his father was teaching him the importance and value of community.

Now with a similar heart to his father, Carl began to see how many people were in the same boat, desiring to find genuine community in the place they call home. Carl took his passions and hobbies and used them as a platform for community. He knew that if there was an open invitation for all, with no requirements or expectations other than connecting neighbors with one another, that people would come and they could thrive together.

“My role is always going to be the guy with the vision, but never single handedly carrying it, because I want to see this community go beyond DC - I do not need to be in all these cities - this can happen without me…Seeing these communities grow has changed me because it has made me believe the energy I have put into my dreams can pay off." 

Post + photo by @annamcalpinemeyer #doersdotell