Behind the brand

Black- and woman-owned, DISTRICT of CLOTHING was created in 2014 by creative entrepreneur, Dionna Dorsey. She uses simplicity, consistency, and inspiring design to empower, encourage conversation, and embolden self-love.  Dionna’s love for design began as a young child with a coloring book and has since grown into an entrepreneurial passion. She designed the Stand with Black Women campaign for Planned Parenthood and has been featured in The Washington Informer, Marie Claire, and was named a Washingtonian Style Setter. She attended Villanova University and Istituto Marangoni in Milan and is continually inspired by those who daily push through obstacles to affect change within themselves, and in their communities.

"When your passion meets your purpose you're pretty much unstoppable." —Dionna M. Dorsey 


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Brand assistant Derika Crowley • Photographers Laura Metzler + Anna Meyer